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About Us

🏴‍☠️ About Unleashing Style, One Tee at a Time!


Ahoy, mateys! Welcome to, the brainchild of Vino, a design maven hailing from the vibrant shores of Goa since 2020.

Our tale begins with a simple quest: to redefine how you flaunt your personality through threads.

In the vast ocean of fashion, we stand as rebels, champions of uniqueness. Like a pirate captain seeking the finest treasures,

Vino scours the design realms for tees that narrate stories, tickle your funny bone, and resonate with your very essence.


Why, you ask? Because we believe that each tee is a canvas, a reflection of your soul.

As Blackbeard himself would say, "A shirt without a story is like a ship without a compass – lost." We're not just a brand; we're the keepers of your tales.

Our crew at is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction, 365 days a year. Your happiness is our North Star, and we guarantee it with every stitch. So, join us on this adventurous voyage, and let your style set sail!

⚓ Highlights:

  • Exclusive Designs 🎨

  • Quality Craftsmanship ✂️

  • Unique Narratives 📜

  • 365-Day Happiness Guarantee ☠️

Set your style compass right. Choose – where every tee tells a tale!

#INKNstyle #RebelThreads #WearYourStory 🏴‍☠️

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